Our Expertise

Working to address your unique profile of exposures, we are professionals who will deliver-tailored insurance solutions and programs and general risk management support to our clients, working as part of their team in managing day to day business needs and exposures.

Risk Assessment & Exposure Identification

We pride ourselves on maintaining direct and open communication with all of our clients, staying engaged with their businesses and ensuring that they are also involved and informed throughout every step of the insurance and risk review process. We work alongside our clients to provide them with the market intelligence and general day to day support needed to assess evolving exposures in the context of their risk transfer program.

In maintaining respected relationships with the local and international underwriting community, as well as the legal community, we have access to multiple resources to keep our clients informed of industry changes affecting their business.

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Claim Management & Advocacy

Our claims performance is the ultimate test of our product and services, and, given the diverse portfolio of business we manage, our staff have extensive experience in handling the most complex of claims. We have supported our clients in the face of the media, resolved multifaceted claims occurring on both the North and South Poles, and supported clients in dealing with sensitive issues both public and private. Given the potentially sensitive nature of any claim in a commercial business or specialty risk environment, effective claim management is critical.

Unlike the large international brokers, our claims advocacy and management functions are not outsourced to third party providers in a different country. As with every aspect of our business, responsibility for reporting and management of claims rests with the very individuals who arrange the insurance program in the first place, and who have the most intimate understanding of our clients' operations. Our client service team, working collaboratively with the appointed adjuster, will ensure that reporting and disbursement of funds are executed expeditiously.

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Contract Support and Document Review

The importance of quality advice and broker support in the early stages of the contract process is considerable, with our senior team respected industry wide as leaders in contract review, noted for their diligence and skill in identifying potential problem areas affecting your insurance and risk profile and subsequently assisting you in negotiating language changes. We work tirelessly to assist with wording to ensure that risks assumed under the contract are identified and deemed acceptable to you and that the coverage requirements and indemnity provisions outlined dovetail with what is commercially insurable in the market.

We are experienced with all forms of contracts typical to business in general and the aviation industry more specifically, including but not limited to aircraft charter agreements, aircraft lease agreements, engine and/or component exchange agreements, maintenance agreements, general supplier agreements, airport agreements and other tenancy agreements. Whilst all forms of contracts may contain language affecting your interests, what appears to be a straightforward lease, exchange or maintenance agreement can be the incredibly onerous, with indemnity provisions often included that are not traditionally acceptable to insurers and that could leave an operator exposed to an uninsured loss.

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Peer Group Benchmarking & Industry Intelligence

Determining the 'correct' pricing for any individual operation is a product of a number of factors. In addition to evaluating market capacity and loss record, one must also consider peer-group analysis. Monitoring of the market allows us to forecast general rating trends to ensure our clients are making informed decisions.

As one of the most respected independent broking organizations, with direct access to the domestic and international insurance market, we are uniquely positioned to monitor and report on the realities and developments within the insurance community and the possible effects on your business.

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Whether your risk profile demands coverage for its owned or leased assets, third party liabilities, fiduciary obligations or otherwise, our team has the experience to tailor insurance solutions and programs necessary to protect and support your business. While the complete menu of insurance products available is vast, a summary of common coverages is highlighted below.

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Our Focus

Our focus is always on our client and in delivering tailored insurance programs designed to address their specific needs and wants, with insurance products to support the aviation & aerospace industry being our primary area of discipline.

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